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Mar 26 2009

Running Records in Spanish

Doing DRAs is so difficult in Spanish. It is much easier to decode words in Spanish that in English so I have a lot of students that tell me “I can read this level K book!” when they’re at a level C or D because they probably wouldn’t be able to retell the level K book.

So A, one of my students, is one of the smartest kids in the class and boy does he know it. When the list came in from Kindergarden it said he was at a level C and I was very surprised. I tested him at that level and kept him at that level but I really did not know anything about DRAs back then, I think he could have moved up. Then I tested him at a level D a month later and he did really well too. Now he’s insisting that he’s at a level J, so I grabbed the level J book and sat down with him kind of like as a challenge. He read every word correctly though he read word by word, and when I asked him to retell he did tell me some things but not all things. That’s another part I hate, the retelling. It’s so subjective. Do you give them a 4 only if they retell the whole book? Is 3 if they retell most or some? What if they retell out of order?

Anyways, I don’t think he’s at a level J, but I also don’t think he’s at a level D. I’m going to get some advice to see what level to test him on so I don’t have to go through every letter between D and J!

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